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Rabbi Noach Sosevsky

Shana Bet Rebbe

Rabbi Noach Sosevsky,the son of the Rosh Hayeshiva, gives the top Shana Bet Gemara Shiur at the yeshiva.

R' Noach was born in Englewood New Jersey, and made Aliyah with his family to Har Nof Yerushalayim in 1980. Having learned in some of the top Yeshivos here in Eretz Yisroel, including Yeshiva Maalas Hatorah under Harav Shmuel Auerbach Shlit"a, with whom he learned privately for a number of years, R' Noach brings to the yeshiva a tremendous depth of Torah knowledge.

A truly masterful Maggid Shiur, he seeks to capture the proper structure of the sugya, and through highly interactive give and take with the Talmidim, the content of a seemingly difficult Gemara begins to unfold. Via his steadfast belief in each Talmid's potential,he empowers them to grow within their unique capabilities. His shiur focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the Rishonim, through the use of the approach of the leading classic Acharonim.
And in his energetic, yet soft,easy going, friendly manner, the Talmidim savor the time they get to spend "schmoozing in learning" with their Rebbe. His ultimate goal is to instill Ahavas Hatorah and Havanas Hatotrah in his students, while imparting in them the importance of living as a true Ben Torah in every aspect of one's life.

Rabbi Sosevsky is part of a group of Torah Scholars that have published the Mishnayos edition "Daas Eliyahu" on Seder Taharos.

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R' Noach and family live in the Maalot Dafna section of Yerushalayim, and can be reached at 02 582 0918 or his cell 052 765 2439 between 930pm-1200am or noachsos@gmail.com



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