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Rabbi Shmuel Wagner

Mashigiach Ruchani

Background: Grew up in rabbinic home in Brooklyn. Studied in Mir Yeshiva high school and Beis Medrash. Spent the year after high school in Yeshivas Kfar Chassidim in Eretz Yisrael. After marriage lived in Bnei Brak, learning in Kollel of R' Michel Feinstein z"l for five years. Moved then to Montreal Canada. Rebbe in hebrew academy in Montreal and rav of a shul. Started JEP program in Montreal. Jointly started Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim Beis Medrash together with R' Sasefsky in 1984 and assumed position of Mashgiach, Menahel Ruchani and day time rebbe. 

Has BS degree from Baruch Collage in NY. Received smicha from R' Feinstein and Naroler rav of Bnei Brak. 

Rabbi Wagner is known to be a renowned educator which many students and outsiders consult with. Having a great understanding in people and reaching out to every person in his own way makes him extremely successful as the Mashgiach of the yeshiva.

Has formulated hashkafa and curriculum of yeshiva. Establishing OJ as a traditional learning yeshiva with emphasis on acquiring gemara skills, love of torah through hasmada, and dikduk bemitzvos.

[shiurim here]

Rabbi Wagner can be reached at 052 618 6829, or 718 689 1575 [while in the U.S- 718 483 2145] or via email malwag@walla.com



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