Campus Life


Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim is situated on Moshav Beit Meir, a religious moshav of some 100 families, located in the midst of a nature reserve in the Jerusalem hills (about nine miles from Jerusalem) off the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. It enjoys a panoramic view of the country stretching some 35 miles to the Mediterranean.


Bus #186 between Moshav Beit Meir and Jerusalem leaves 8-9 times a day in both directions. A schedule is available at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem and in the office of the yeshiva. The Yeshiva allows boys to accept rides with people from the Moshav when leaving the campus. There are van services that can be ordered as well for a reasonable price with room for 10-12 students. Returning from Jerusalem, the yeshiva insists that students avail themselves of these van services and not accept rides from strangers.


Ohr Yerushalayim enjoys a fine air conditioned Beit Midrash and exceptional dining facility, all part of the beautiful setting of Moshav Beit Meir. The students are housed in a magnificent dormitory facility consisting of beautifully appointed rooms with private bathrooms and showers, all of which are air conditioned and centrally heated.

Moshav Facilities

Outside of the regular classroom and dormitory facilities, there is a grocery store in close proximity to the Yeshiva that is available to students during regular shopping hours. In addition, there is a student lounge available during the various breaks in the day, including a kiosk which sells snacks and refreshments. The moshav enjoys an excellent sports facility, which includes basketball, tennis and field-hockey courts. This facility is available to the students of Ohr Yerushalayim. There is also an exercise room available to the students, in addition to a music room where our yeshiva band practices.

Important General Note Concerning Moshav Beit Meir

Moshav Beit Meir allows for both a beautiful and tranquil environment for Torah study, while at the same time offering the student the opportunity to take advantage of the spiritual bounty of Jerusalem during free afternoons or days. The variety of moshav residents reflects the full spectrum of people typically found in an Israeli religious neighborhood.

Predominantly an Ashkenazi moshav, there are a number of Sephardic families residing on the moshav. Predominantly kipah s'rugah (knitted yarmulke), there are a number of "black hat" and chassidic families. There is the usual blend of young and old on the moshav. There is also an independent kollel housed in close proximity to the Yeshiva which serves to enhance the Torah atmosphere of the moshav. While Ohr Yerushalayim enjoys an excellent relationship with the moshav, our students are expected to be most sensitive to the needs of the moshav's population. This entails not being overly loud or boisterous in the late evening hours, not blaring radios, and similar considerations that entail nothing more than a basic decency and sensitivity to others. We believe our students will find their accommodations most pleasing and the general atmosphere of the moshav a friendly one. With a bit of basic consideration one will find that life on a moshav will be most enjoyable, and will greatly enhance the experience of living and studying in Israel.