Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim does not view itself as just a one or two year program. The kesher between the students and the Yeshiva continues for many years afterwards. To strengthen this kesher, the Yeshiva has established an Alumni Association. The Yeshivat Ohr Yerushlayim Alumni Association is the most vibrant alumni organization of any of the one year programs in Israel.

The Alumni Association is based on three foundations: Torah, Social and Business.


The Torah learned in the Yeshiva served as a foundation for a lifetime of commitment. The Yeshiva feels that Torah should be the basis for everything that connect alumni to the Yeshiva and its Rebeiim. Each week an E-Mail is sent to the alumni with a Dvar Torah prepared by a different Rebbe. The Yeshiva’s website boasts over 200 Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Chagim and Rosh Chodesh. In addition, an Audio section has been opened on the website allowing the Talmidim to listen to shiurim from their Rebeiim, with video shiurim soon to follow.

In addition to the above, shiurim for alumni are arranged when Rebeiim visit various cities. In the last year alone shiurim in Israel, New York, New Jersey and Baltimore have successfully taken place. These shiurim allow the alumni to remain connected to Torat Eretz Yisrael and allow the Rebeiim to catch up with their talmidim.


The weekly E-Mail contains Mazel Tovs, refuah shlaima and condolence notices, which always prompts a number of E-Mails from alumni wishing to get in touch with someone they haven’t heard from in years. Additionally, an E-Newsletter is sent monthly to alumni with articles about the goings-on at the Yeshiva, recent events and more. A new highlight of the newsletter is the Spanning the Globe article where an alumni, living far from the New York/New Jersey hub, answers in depth questions about what he’s been up to since he left Yeshiva and what he is currently involved in.

The website also contains many features intended to keep alumni in touch with the Yeshiva and each other. The In The News section features mini updates about the happenings at the Yeshiva, the Smachot page contains all the alumni smachot in recent months along with pictures and the Where Are They Now page features a brief bio of a specific alumnus.


The Yeshiva feels very strongly that it needs to assist its talmidim in the job market where possible. The website features a Yellow Pages section where alumni can advertise their business/company for free (many of them offer discounts to YOY alumni) thereby expanding their customer base. The Alumni Association connects younger alumni with older ones allowing them to communicate about the potential job market in various fields. Each year the Alumni Association runs a Summer Intern Program to help university students find internships in their chosen fields. The Alumni Association also assists those looking for a job by allowing alumni to post small resumes and positions they seek and encouraging alumni who know of open positions in their company to post the opening on the website. In addition, open positions are mentioned in the weekly E-Mail for further exposure.

A Small Business Forum was recently established in the hopes of advising alumni who are considering opening their own business. The goal is to help alumni jumpstart their new business while saving them time and money. Alumni small business owners and professionals, including advertising/marketing execs and accountants, will sit on a committee which will hear ideas, review business plans and provide constructive criticism to potential business owners. In addition, they can introduce the potential business owner to other professionals who can help their business succeed.

All of these and many more programs are designed to assist alumni where possible. The Yeshiva is grateful to its alumni for its continued financial support and hopes that, through the Alumni Association, the Yeshiva can repay their kindness by assisting them when necessary. The Yeshiva looks forward to continuing to work and be in touch with its alumni.

For more, please browse through the alumni section of the website to see the many programs that Ohr Yerushalayim offers its alumni.

If you have suggestions or ideas for programming for YOY alumni, please contact the alumni office at or via phone at 972-52-716-1200.