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Mazal Tovs
  • Andy (96-97) and Mrs. Gladstone upon the Bar mitzva of their son.
  • Jonathan (91-92) and Jessica Landa upon the Bar Mitzva of their twins.
  • Avi (01-03) and Frumi Wiesel upon the birth of their son, Gavriel Yosef.
  • Chaim Hollander (91-92) and Shani Marks upon their recent marriage.
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel Cohen upon the engagement of their son.

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Alumni News

Great news!! 

Rabbi Sosevsky will be visiting Boca Raton, Florida, and will be giving a shiur in the Boca Raton Synagogue on Monday night, Feb 24th at 8:15pm. The topic will be: Shaul and Amalek - Anatomy of a Sin, a carful study of Parshas Zachor haftora.

Followed be an alumni get-together in on of the rooms in the shul. Refreshments will be served.

He is looking forward to seeing you all.

Rabbi Sosevsky will be available at (718) 869-3244 for the duration of his stay in the States.


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